Speed dice

Rento now supports additional game mode - "SPEED DICE".
This is additional red dice that is used to speed up the game
Here is what the dice sides mean:
Speed Dice 1
Star. This multiplies the value of the two main dices

Speed Dice 2
Roll again. This icon means that you will roll one more time.
Speed Dice 3
Buy next. This means that after completing your turn, you will move to the first unowned land and have the chance to buy it
Speed Dice 4
Pass. If you see this, you skip your turn and next player takes place
Speed Dice 5
Choose dice. You can choose which dice to play. You can either play the left dice or the right dice or both
Speed Dice 6
Six. You simply add 6 to your other two dices (play the total sum of the three dices)

The way you play is - you roll the 3 dices and follow the additional dice legend.

This is how the game looks like in Farsi language

Rento in CafeBazaar Iranian store

Rento has been fully translated and submitted to CafeBazaar (the biggest Iranian app store).
The game is professionally translated in Farsi (Persian) and has been tested by local people.
You can download Rento Monopoly from
Apart from the game interface, the rules and tutorial are fully translated to Farsi.
We also changed the fonts, so they can be easy readable to Iran people.

This is how the game looks like in Farsi language


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