Rento Printed version

The long wait is over!
Rento is produced as a phisical product for your home and family.
We made limited quantity of this printed version and it is made with premium quality.
You will enjoy water proof cards, premium metal dice, shiny board, Wheel of Fortune and pawns and overal one very polished game that is NOT made in China and you will truly enjoy.

Check out the unboxing video on YouTube

Here are pictures of Rento Board Game so you can see what you'll get: Rento Board Game pic #1
Rento Board Game pic #2
Rento Board Game pic #3
Rento Board Game pic #4
Rento Board Game pic #5
Rento Board Game pic #7
Rento Board Game pic #7

*Note: The game is in English language

In the box you will find:

  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Wheel Of Fortune
  • 2 Premium metal dice
  • 1 Special dice
  • 36 Houses & 12 Hotels
  • 6 Plastic pawns
  • 34 Luck & Vault cards
  • 175 Paper Money
  • Play Instructions

Introducing "Immunity", "Olympics" and "Tornado" luck cards

We are proud to show you our latest Rento improvements.
We added three strategy LUCK cards.
If you see this card - you will have the opportunity to select and destroy 1 opponent house. The tornado will blow it away.
This card allow you to set one land where the Olympic games will be hosted. It will increase the land's rent by 50% for one pawn landing.
This card once shown, will remain in your possession and you can use this immunity whenever you want
(but keep in mind that you can enable it before you roll the dice).
Once the immunity is applied, you will pay NO rent in that turn.
Your immunity card can be used only once.

Introducing "TRAVEL"

You can now travel across your stations.
In order to travel you must own at least 2 stations.
To travel between your stations you must be also landed on one of them.
Before you end your turn, you will see "TRAVEL" button. Tap on it and select one of your stations where you want to go
NOTE: If you cross the START, then you will NOT get $200.

Introducing special property "VATICAN"

Starting from version 4.2.4 you will find a new single property land called "VATICAN".
It's color is grey and it is the only grey land.
What is different in Vatican is that it allows you to start building houses/hotel the very moment you buy it.
There are no other grey lands so you don't need to buy all lands from same color group.
It sounds great, but what is the catch? cannot simply buy it. Once you land on this land - it is automatically auctioned.
So, the player who bids the most, will buy it.
This will help in cases when some player is unable to make a color set and nobody wants to trade with him.
Vatican is a hope for such players to get back in the game and have a chance of winning.

Wheel Of Fortune and Russian Roulette

Rento presents two new features that will make the game even more interesting.
"Wheel Of Fortune" is placed on two cells on the game board.
You spin the wheel and get one of the 16 different surprises.
In the wheel you can get 500$, or your money can be set to $1000 (which can be a huge bonus if you don't have any, or a tax, if you have more).
In some sectors you donate $100 to poorest player, or get $100 from the reachest.
You can also go to jail or parking or get 2 bonus houses.
Wheel Of Fortune
Another add on was the "Russian Roulette". If you struggle in the game and you see the bankruptcy is coming, you can try you luck and make some money, or bankrupt directly.
The use of the Roulette is optional. You can choose the amount of bullets to put in the chamber. Good luck
Russian Roulette
If you don't like all these cool features, you can play the old board. Select it from the "Boards Menu" in online menu.

Up to 6 Players

We upgraded the total number of players that can play in a game. Rento now supports not 4, but 6 player games
The change affects all play modes - Solo, Pass'N Play, Online, Facebook and Bluetooth.
Just tap the 5 or 6 players button when creating a new game room
6 Players Rento Monopoly
Good luck with making a monopoly over the game board.

Special dice

Rento now supports additional game mode - "SPECIAL DICE".
This is additional red dice that is used to make the game different and even speed it up
Here is what the dice sides mean:
Speed Dice 1
Star. This multiplies the value of the two main dices

Speed Dice 2
Roll again. This icon means that you will roll one more time.
Speed Dice 3
Buy next. This means that after completing your turn, you will move to the first unowned land and have the chance to buy it
Speed Dice 4
Pass. If you see this, you skip your turn and next player takes place
Speed Dice 5
Choose dice. You can choose which dice to play. You can either play the left dice or the right dice or both
Speed Dice 6
Six. You simply add 6 to your other two dices (play the total sum of the three dices)

The way you play is - you roll the 3 dices and follow the additional dice legend.

Rento in CafeBazaar Iranian store

Rento has been fully translated and submitted to CafeBazaar (the biggest Iranian app store).
The game is professionally translated in Farsi (Persian) and has been tested by local people.
You can download Rento Monopoly from
Apart from the game interface, the rules and tutorial are fully translated to Farsi.
We also changed the fonts, so they can be easy readable to Iran people.

This is how the game looks like in Farsi language


We are happy to announce that is finally finished. All news and updates regarding the game will be posted here.
We hope you like the website.
If you have any suggestions or feedback - use the contact form to reach us.
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