Rento screenshots

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3D Mobile version

This version is the latest one (v 3.X.X+). It is available on most mobile devices (Android, iOS), Windows 10 Store, Mac App Store and others..
Here you can see the game in action, the board, the jail, cards, trading, building houses, etc..
This new version offers also 2D mode.
The game has 4 modes of play:
-Online, Solo, Pass 'N Play and Bluetooth play

The screenshots here are shown in English, but you can play Rento on 17 different languages (English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Spanish, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portugal, Turkish, Chinese, Hindi and Farsi). It is fully translated.

Available on
  • google play
  • apple
  • windows
  • amazon
  • steam
Main screen
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3D Version EXTRAS

In this section of the gallery, you can see the different 3D boards that you can play Rento on. There are additional 7 different boards, that you can buy
You will also see 12 different custom pawns to play with. But that's not all.
You can also choose between 10 colored dice to play with

Most boards are not only color different, but have also functional changes. The lands, chances and stations are regrouped differently.

Main board
Main board 2D auction buy panel rent panel xmas board

The old 2D Version

This is how the previous 2D version looked like. It is a little bit faster than the 3D version, but it's graphic is old and not so good.
It also supports multiple languages

You can play it from your web browser.

Available on
  • web